Early Detection of Recurring Colorectal Cancer

COLVERA is a blood test that identifies biomarkers of colorectal cancer (CRC) tumors. COLVERA is the top choice for doctors and their patients who are being monitored after CRC treatment.


  • Founded with science – COLVERA detects two CRC-specific biomarkers without the need for tumor biopsy, large NGS panels, or black box algorithms.
  • Effective Monitoring Test – COLVERA’s detection is three times greater to detect CRC compared to CEA1.
  • Doctor approved; doctor supported – 76% of patients with positive COLVERA result had confirmed radiological recurrence.
1 Symonds et al, Cancer 2020



30-50% of CRC patients may experience a recurrence of their CRC1.


Positive predictive value (PPV)2 “detected” via COLVERA when confirmed with radiological recurrence.


Specificity3 provided by COLVERA.


Negative predictive value (NPV)4.

1 Primrose et al, JAMA 2014 ; Snyder et al, JAMA 2018 ; NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines (Colon and Rectal Cancer), 2020.

2 Positive predictive value is the probability that subjects with a positive screening test truly have the disease.

3 Specificity measures a test’s ability to correctly generate a negative result for people who don’t have the condition that’s being tested.

4 Negative predictive value is the probability that subjects with a negative screening test truly don't have the disease.

Detecting Recurring CRC with Confidence and Certainty*

Doctors Choose COLVERA

With a straightforward blood draw, COLVERA identifies recurrent CRC tumors earlier.

  • COLVERA detected 3x more CRC patients, compared to CEA.
  • COLVERA identifies two methylated (altered) genes (BCAT and IKZF1) found in 95% of CRC tumors.
  • COLVERA can be used to detect recurrent CRC in all stages (I-IV).
  • COLVERA eliminates the need for tumor-specific genotyping, biopsies or large NGS panels.

* Based on single-time point sensitivity for radiological recurrence. Sources: Symonds et al. Clin Epigenetics 2018; Symonds et al., Cancer 2020; Musher BL et al., CEBP 2020; Data on file; NCCN Guidelines for Colon Cancer, Version 2.2021. Vucetic et al, JCO 2021, Vol 39, 15_suppl.3546; NCCN Guidelines for Colon Cancer, Version 2.2021

Are You a Patient?

After your initial CRC treatment, you and your doctor can rely on the COLVERA blood test to monitor you after your initial CRC treatment and provide earlier detection, as compared to CEA. Getting this information sooner will allow you and your doctor to be more proactive with treatment options.

COLVERA For Patients

Are You a Healthcare Professional?

You want the highest level of confidence when monitoring your patients after primary treatment for colorectal cancer, and COLVERA is the leader in detecting recurring colorectal tumors.

COLVERA for Healthcare Professionals