InSure® FIT (marketed as ColoVantage Home outside the U.S.) is based on the latest technology to detect hidden bleeding that may indicate colorectal disease.

First released in 2000, InSure FIT is a fecal immunochemical test (FIT) that has now been used to screen millions of people around the world. InSure FIT addresses a number of issues related to colorectal disease detection:

  • The test detects blood in the stool/feces (which is often hidden) that may be an early symptom of serious colorectal diseases.
  • The patented 'Brush' sampling technology is used to test the water in a toilet bowl for hidden blood.
  • The advanced chemistry of InSure FIT is specific for lower gastrointestinal bleeding.
  • The test does not require changes to diet or medications.
  • The InSure FIT Test Card uses patented technology to store the sample in a more stable, dry format for transportation to the lab for testing.


Clinical studies have proven that InSure FIT is highly accurate for detecting even tiny or invisible amounts of blood in a sample. The test has a very high sensitivity (88%) and an exceptional specificity to reduce the likelihood of false positives (96–98%).