At Clinical Genomics, we harness breakthrough science to create innovative and accessible ways to detect disease and enhance lives.

Clinical Genomics is a privately held biotechnology company developing and marketing innovative products for colorectal cancer (CRC) diagnosis. With a broad intellectual property portfolio consisting of more than 95 patents, Clinical Genomics sells colorectal cancer screening and monitoring solutions. In 2016, Clinical Genomics launched Colvera™, a sensitive and specific blood-based circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) test for colorectal cancer recurrence monitoring that detects methylated DNA from two genes, BCAT1 and IKZF1. Via its wholly-owned subsidiary Enterix Inc., the company offers the user-friendly, patient-preferred colorectal cancer screening InSure® FIT™ assay, an FDA-cleared fecal immunochemical test that detects blood in the stool.

Clinical Genomics has offices and CLIA-registered laboratories in Bridgewater as well as FDA-registered and TGA-licensed IVD manufacturing in Edison, New Jersey and Sydney, Australia and a NATA-accredited laboratory in North Ryde, NSW Australia.

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